New Music Of The Day: Watch Let’s Eat Grandma’s Mesmerising NME Basement Session

Last July I saw an amazing video of Let’s Eat Grandma performing their track ‘Deep Six Textbook’ (since taken offline) and was impressed enough to write about it straight away on these pages. This came a couple of weeks after Rosa Walton and Jenny Hollingworth had played a small, unassuming set at Latitude, a festival just down the road from where they grew up and still live in Norwich. A few A&R people saw it, and within a month word had spread, with people talking in hushed tones about these two super-weird teenagers who looked and sounded exactly the same as each other, despite not being related.

Cut forward to spring 2016 and they’re poised to take their off-kilter otherworld-pop overground. One of the most hyped British acts of the year, they’ve bagged a a record deal with Transgressive (Foals, Two Door Cinema Club) and finished recording a fine, fine debut album called ‘I, Gemini’, which comes out in June.

Right now, they’re NME’s New Artist Of The Week, and today we’ve got an exclusive session performance of ‘Deep Six Textbook’, which is every bit as jaw-dropping as the one I saw last summer. Check it out here, and make sure you read David Renshaw’s interview with the band to get the full picture.


Let’s Eat Grandma play The Great Escape in Brighton this week (May 19-21), Electrowerkz in London on June 1, and Latitude in Suffolk on July 14-17.

‘I, Gemini’ is released on June 17.