New Music Of The Day: Weaves Cover One Direction

With tunes as strong as ‘Motorcycle’ and ‘Tick’, Canadian act Weaves don’t exactly need to rely on clickbait to bring in any extra press.

Turns out they genuinely love One Direction though, which is why they covered ‘Drag Me Down’ for streaming service Rdio recently. Due to the Spotify rival shutting down earlier this month, the track’s just gone up on Soundcloud, and here’s singer Jasmyn Burke on why they decided to try their hand at it:

“In what I’m now assuming was one of the streaming service’s last attempts at doing something interesting before shutting down, they had asked us and a group of other artists to pick a song to cover from a list of contemporary music. We chose “Drag Me Down” by One Direction. It might seem like a strange choice, but we are obsessed with pop songs and strong hooks so the challenge was not so much changing everything about the song, but elevating certain parts and adding our own touch so a song meant to appeal to teenage girls would in fact sound like a new Weaves tune. Over the course of one weekend we hibernated in Morgan [Waters, guitarist]’s house and pumped out this new version. It’s an infectious song without us but maybe it’s a licentious song with us.”

Here’s the track:

And to compare and contrast, here’s 1D playing at being astronauts in their version:

Although, if you’d rather, why not check out Weaves’ masterpiece of riff-leaden indie genius ‘Motorcycle’ instead: