New Music Of The Day: Yung On The Danish Music Scene

Next month, Yung will be releasing their debut album ‘A Youthful Dream’ (June 10 on Tough Love / Fat Possum). We’re well acquainted with the Danish punks and they’ve been kind enough to help us get to know some of the best bands currently on the scene in their native country.

Cola Freaks
Chosen by: Full band pick
The current scene in DK is as broad and rich as ever. A lot of that is down to a band from Aarhus, called Cola Freaks. Taking their name from a single from Denmark’s first true punk band, Lost Kids, the band toured the states and Europe several times, and despite the fact that they only had Danish lyrics, they found a second home in the Memphis scene around Goner Recs and Jay Reatard. The latter ended up having Jacob and Anders from the band as his very last backing band, and despite all the stardom surrounding the sad destiny of Jay, this is incredibly still a secret in Denmark. Mads, the leadsinger, put out the first Yung 7-inch on his brilliant Mastermind Records. The importance of this band can not be understated

Listen to: ‘Under Vand’


Chosen by: Tobias Guldborg Tarp (Bass)
Tilebreaker consists of 4 familiar faces in the Aarhus music scene with ties to bands like Several Things, Tears, Snaredrum, Transit Pop and Cola Freaks. As Tilebreaker, they bring something fresh and yet reclined to the plate. Taking their name from a Polvo song, while paying homage to ancestors the band creates a sound that is fairly unique in a Danish as well as international context. Their songs balance repetition and careful, unrushed progress and carry elements of slowcore and post-rock with bleak lyrics that are sung with a staggering urgency, underlining the sincerity of these superiorly crafted songs. An ultra limited 12” EP is out via local 100 records. Each new song is better than the last so my excitement about their forthcoming material can’t be stressed enough. Catch them live, they will leave you equally blessed and cursed.

Listen to: ‘S/T’ EP

Chosen by: Yung Shord (Mikkel Holm Silkjær) – Vocals / Guitar
Ærkenbrand writes songs you disappear in. I mean that in the best way possible. It’s quite a fascinating band, they live on an old crop farm in the forest in central Jutland, which is also where they write and record everything. Musically Ærkenbrand is in between neo-folk, black metal and doom. Their most recent album, ‘Stimager’, came out in April and it’s an absolutely great album. It’s hard to describe ‘Stimager’ with words really. It’s a 35-minute journey, which takes you through a lot of different musical landscapes. Listen to the album you won’t regret it!

Listen to: ‘Uden Alter’


Less Win
Chosen by: Emil Zethsen – Guitar
Less Win is without a doubt one of my favourite bands to come out of Denmark in recent times. It’s one of those rare bands I always find highly interesting to see, and play with, live. They initially reeled me in with their 2013 album ”GREAT”, which in my opinion is incredible from start to finish. Their talent for writing hit songs with a tremendous amount of depth is fascinating and very special. Their latest single ‘Bury The Heart’ sums up their sound quite well, but also reveals a new, exciting and very promising taste of their forthcoming album.

Listen to: ‘Bury The Heart’

Secret Life
Chosen by: Frederik Nybo Veile (drums)
Secret Life is Patrick and Bastian and they’re awesome. You could describe the music as synth pop. You could also watch the band live and get swept away by the beats, the stripped down and, at times, eerie bass lines and synth riffs that rise above 80’s nostalgia. The music is beautiful and dreamy but with an edge and a pumping urgency emphasized by Patrick’s intense vocals. It’s hard not to lose yourself in the dark sexual energy of the music just like the two young men on stage. The fact that both of them also play rock music (Less Win, Ocean View etc.) is a good example of the diversity of Danish underground artists right now. Hopefully, Secret Life will bless us with a release in 2016 but until then we’ll have to settle for this track: ‘Possible to Avoid’

Listen To: ‘Possible to Avoid’