New Music Of The Day: Yvette – ‘Calm And Content’ (Premiere)

Last week we published Shamir’s thoughts on why New York no wave duo Yvette are so special. They’re “a noise band with a bit of pop sensibility” he reasoned – and with today’s premiere of new single ‘Calm And Content’ you can kinda see what he means.

While the relentless, pulverising rhythms and schizoid effects that made the bands 2013 album ‘Process’ such a thriller are still present, Noah Kardos-Fein’s vocals are much less stymied than before. “Don’t look backwards / Don’t look down,” he sneers gleefully at one point, as guitars buzz snarkily behind him.

That relentless intensity was always a part of the plan, according to Noah, who has this to say about the band’s new Time Management EP:

“Time Management is the first batch of songs written with Dale [Eisinger, drums/synths/effects]. After tours with Sleigh Bells and Liturgy and a show with Factory Floor, we wanted to write songs that just ripped right out of the gate.

“We became obsessed with how mantras work. So much of stress and time management is about repetition. I wanted to challenge myself to write lyrics that could be said over and over again to the point that I entered a zen-like state upon repetition, sort of like saying ‘om’.

“If [2013 album] Process was a meditation on the sounds of mechanical objects, this is a kind of meditation on the sounds of mechanical behaviour. What is more mechanical than time management? What happens to your brain and body when you keep to a brutally mechanical schedule?”

Time Management is available from October 2. It’s also released as part of the You’ve Been Sweating Wrong Your Whole Life compilation from Godmode Records on October 30.