New Music – Pink Dollaz Release Mixtape ‘Pink Drugs’

Can you name more than one successful female hip-hop group…? It’s not easy – and it’s been a long time since Salt ‘n’ Pepa hit our ear in the 80s (yes, it’s been that long). TLC plugged the gap for a while, although only Lefteye rapped. It’s been a barren land for years… until now.

Pink Dollaz are four female rappers from Inglewood, California. They supposedly met at one of the high schools famous for starting the LA jerkin’ dance craze and have been making music on and off for a couple of years. You might remember a Liars remix or their mixtape Vol.1 from 2010. Until recently, they’ve been quiet, perhaps because one of the member, Mocha, seems to have left. Rumours that they were going to work with M.I.A don’t seem to have materialised. But they’ve just released a new mixtape called ‘Pink Drugs’ and it’s pretty damn exciting. It’s driven by heavy, murky basslines, upbeat synths, tinny hi-hats and salty lyrics about sex, relationship problems and, erm, sex. Fans of A$AP Rocky, Iggy Azalea, Zebra Katz and Angel Haze should check it out. They’re cocksure and infectious. I can’t turn it off.

Download the mixtape here.