New Music – Ruen Brothers, ‘Aces’

If two bands signal a revival then dig out the roll neck sweaters and get your hair done in a mop top cos the 60s are back. Following the lead of Irish teens The Strypes, Ruen Brothers (aka Scunthorpe born siblings Henry and Rupert Stansall) don’t sound like they’ve been exposed to anything made post 1966 – and that’s no bad thing.

In an impressively homemade video, the brothers match classic black and white visuals with ‘Aces’, a rattling race through all the best parts of the 60s. Sharp, Stones-esque riffs? Check. Deep, swooping vocals that’d make Roy Orbison jealous? Check. Liberal use of the word ‘baby’? Check, check, check. Despite all that, they still manage to make it sound fresh – as if they’ve unearthed an unheard track from that golden era and spruced it up to make it their own.

Ruen Brothers play at Notting Hill Arts Club next Tuesday (February 5).