New Music – San Fermin, ‘Daedalus’

It’s easy to get lost in ‘Daedalus’, the new song from San Fermin aka Brooklynite Ellis Ludwig-Leone. From the mournful opening horns to the choral build, it’s a complex, impressive follow-up to ‘Sonsick‘. Though there are taurine references – San Fermin is the name of the ‘running of the bulls’ festival in Spain and Daedalus was the Ancient Greek who built the Minotaur’s labyrinth – it’s a warm, beguiling listen that’s got me by the horns (sorry). Here’s Ellis:

The last song on the album, “Daedalus” is more about the search than the resolution. I chose a few images, memories of important moments in my life, and cleared out space for them in the verses. Then when the female vocals come in at the end, it’s a flood of everything all at once. The lyric “What we have instead of God” is repeated so it becomes more of a mantra than a question. I think that’s what writing the album was about for me, the acknowledgment of the search rather than finding the answer. It was enough for me just to get to that place

The self-titled debut album will be released on November 4th