New Music Of The Day: Superorganism – ‘It’s All Good’

Superorganism’s debut track ‘Something For Your M.I.N.D.’ was met with a kind of fuss usually reserved for established acts returning after years out the spotlight. Penned by a mysterious eight-piece with no known identity or set location, it sent the music world cuckoo. Some speculated that the band’s sample-happy, glucose-stuffed first track was the side-project of some big name who fancied something new. Others simply basked in the melody-crammed joy of it all, with Frank Ocean giving it a play on his ‘Blonded’ radio show. Everyone was on board.

But last week, ‘Something For Your M.I.N.D.’ suddenly disappeared from streaming platforms, leaving no trace. Instead of being another act of smart deception from the newcomers, this was due to an ongoing legal dispute. Fortunately, Superorganism are swiftly back with another hyperactive shock to the system. ‘It’s All Good’ is a berserk glimpse of the Transatlantic pack’s deadly intent. A collision of bass wobbles, spoken word samples and Japanese singer Orono’s sugary lead vocals, it boldly throws positivity in the face of bad vibes.

Orono says: “My seven buddies from London and I cooked up this 100% legal tune (that won’t be taken down this time) after coming across a couple of stale procrastination memes that were circulating among my very edgy, very angsty high school classmates on Facebook.” She adds: “Those kids are still lacking in some serious spice, but they’re too naive to hate on.”

It’s All Good

It’s All Good, an album by Superorganism on Spotify