New Music – Swim Deep, ‘Honey’

B-Town’s Swim Deep are fast becoming bona fide heroes. First they became bromo’s with Pond, after touring with the Aussie’s in May. Then they incited near riots in Sheffield, with Spector’s Fred MacPherson so moved by their performance he started whipping the crowd into a frenzy on their behalf. And then last week they brought half of east London to a standstill, purely because so many people turned up to see them play that the Old Blue Last had to lock people out.

All of which leads us onto their new single ‘Honey’. It’s lavish, epic, swirly like it’s from the summer of 1989 and very much brimming with the kind of confidence that all newly-signed bands should rightly exude. More power to ’em, I say.

The track comes out on November 5, and they’re supporting Spector on their Autumn tour. Their next show is at Gloucester Underground on September 29.