The NME 100: Essential new music for 2018

Tom Misch

From: London

Sounds like: Chilled, jazz-inflected ballads with J Dilla beats.

For fans of: J Dilla, Nick Hakim

Need to know: As well as working with his sister, saxophonist Laura Misch, Tom has also collaborated with the Mercury-nominated rapper Loyle Carner many times: they’re great friends.

Essential track: ‘Crazy Dream’ (feat. Loyle Carner)

Confidence Man

From: Brisbane, Australia

Sounds like: Party-ready dance-punk for the Snapchat generation.

For fans of: LCD Soundsystem, Basement Jaxx

Need to know: The Aussie four-piece use pseudonyms to hide their true identities – meet Reggie Goodchild, Clarence McGuffie, Janet Planet and Sugar Bones.

Essential track: ‘Better Sit Down Boy’

Boy Azooga

From: Cardiff

Sounds like: Vibrant psych-pop with enough legs to break into the mainstream.

For fans of: Pond, Jagwar Ma

Need to know: The band’s debut single, ‘Face Behind Her Cigarette’ was heavily influenced by the late, great William Onyeabor – bringing his funky beats in exciting new territory.

Essential track: ‘Face Behind Her Cigarette’


From: Australia

Sounds like: Euphoric disco-funk from Down Under by way of the Berlin underground.

For fans of: Daft Punk, Soulwax

Need to know: Robot legends Daft Punk swung by their show in Paris last year. Afterwards, they offered to produce the band’s new music, starting with single ‘Overnight’ – and it’s
obvious, in a good way.

Essential track: ‘Overnight’

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