The NME 100: essential new music for 2017

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Hare Squead


From: Dublin

Sounds like: Sunny and soulful skatepark hip-hop


For fans of: Chance the Rapper, Odd Future, Outkast

Two years ago, schoolfriends Lilo Blues and Tony Konstone found themselves in the same Dublin skatepark as Jessy Rose. “There’s not many black skaters in Dublin – but then I bumped into them when I was 16 and they were exactly the same as me. We made a song that night.” Lilo and Tony had already been making tunes in the vein of Odd Future, but Jessy Rose saw that they needed some Frank Ocean-esque soul in the mix, and was more than happy to bring it.

It wasn’t long until the band decided to hit the live circuit, and they pooled together all their mates via social media to help them get an open mic gig. Hundreds of people said they were coming on Facebook. It was going to be huge. Three people turned up. All was not lost, however – one of those three people ended up being their manager and the trio realised there wasn’t anywhere else they’d rather be than onstage and making music. Their influences skip across a number of genres, but all stem from the same place – early 2000s music television. Think Michael Jackson, Christina Aguilera, Green Day and Tupac, “but we infuse it with now. It’s just a big mixture,” explains Lilo.

The three share a house in Dublin, and are constantly making music there, demoing tracks every day. They are impressively busy: they’ve just got off the road from a European tour with Dua Lipa and released their ‘Supernormal’ EP at the beginning of December, featuring mega tunes including the impossibly vibey ‘Loco’, loved-up ‘Herside Story’ and low-key but lush ‘Long Way To Go’. Lyrically, nothing is out of bounds. “There’s no mathematical formula to what we do,” explains Lilo. “It’s just what we feel at that moment. We talk about everything, from having sex in a public bathroom to love and hope and home.” Squead goals, for sure.

Our goal for 2017 is: “We want to be bigger than the Beatles.” Lilo Blues

The one thing you need to know about us is: “How many songs do we have? Too many.” Lilo Blues


Essential track: ‘Herside Story’