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Artificial Pleasure

Artificial Pleasure

From: London

Sounds like: Irresistible funk-punk with unforgettable sleazy grooves

For fans of: Talking Heads, Franz Ferdinand, David Bowie

Sometimes a new band will come along with a song so perfect it makes you wonder how it hadn’t been written before. Artificial Pleasure’s ‘I’ll Make It Worth Your While’ is one of those songs, a thrusting, ‘Fame’-indebted jewel that it’s nearly impossible to stop listening to.

The song itself actually dates back to a time before Artificial Pleasure were even a thing, when members Phil McDonnell (vocals/guitar), Dom Brennan (synths) and Lee Jordan (drums) were part of the Bowie-worshipping Night Engine. “Essentially, a founding member of the band left and at that point we crumbled a bit,” explains McDonnell of the end of that band. “Obviously you can’t just do the same thing over and over, but it would be a shame to get rid of a song we loved.”

The band say there was never a point where they considered packing it all in (“What else would we do?” jokes Brennan), which is something to be thankful for. Debut track ‘Bolt From The Blue’ is less bombastic than its successor, but still a ludicrously cool, sleazy grind through Talking Heads and Gang Of Four influences, while they’ve got a whole host of tracks in their back pocket that they’re hoping will keep up their hit rate so far.

The trio made their live debut as Artificial Pleasure at the end of November and are now itching to get back on the road. Don’t expect any average staring-at-your-shoes, static awkwardness from these guys, though. “A lot of things I do onstage come from a guy called Ben from a band called Airhammer,” says McDonnell. “He’s the best frontman I’ve ever seen. I remember seeing them once and he wasn’t singing the song, he was just talking to his shadow. Another time, he booted through the fire exit and just went out while the rest of the song played for another two minutes.” With or without borrowed live techniques, it’s a pretty safe bet Artificial Pleasure will be giving everyone a run for their money next year. Rhian Daly

Our goal for 2017 is: “We want to play to as many people as humanly possible and ensure we’re always doing music that we believe in.”

The one thing you need to know about us is: “We’re not obsessed with the ’70s, we just like the simplicity and delivery of Gang Of Four and Talking Heads.”

See them live: They’re planning on touring throughout February and March.

Essential track: ‘I’ll Make This Worth Your While’

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