NME Lifelines: Public Access TV On Joey Ramone, Prada And Processed Food

Just which member of New York tykes Public Access TV cites his favourite singer as wobbly Hawaiian warbler Israel Kamakawiwo’ole? And what’s with their obsession with elderly US actresses, exactly? Ditto 80s popster Aneka?

Read on to find out all this and more, as the band – who play a show at London’s Birthdays venue as part of the NME Awards with Austin, Texas bill tomorrow night (February 25, buy tickets here) – follow in the footsteps of The Beatles, Frank Sinatra, Buddy Holly and, er, Rat Boy by filling out NME’s legendary Lifelines questionnaire. This was the shit we got all your dad’s heroes to do in the 60s, so now we’ve brought it back for today’s best new bands…


Full name: John Eric Eatherly [centre right in picture]
Role: Dictator
Birth date: March 9th 1990
Birthplace: Nashville
Height: 6 feet
Eye colour: Blue green
Hair colour: Brown
Brothers, sisters: Older sister
Educated: High School drop out
Former occupation: None
Hobbies: Soul cycle, hot yoga, Russian roulette
Favourite singers: Joey Ramone, Elvis
Favourite actors: Edward Furlong, Richard Gere
Favourite actresses: Diane lane, Cybil Shepard
Favourite foods: Rice and beans
Favourite drinks: Virgin Long Island ice tea
Favourite clothes: The few that I own
Favourite band: Television
Favourite musician: Lou reed
Likes: Getting Instagram likes, myself, Turning my phone off, airports, getting transcendental, privacy, the boys in the band
Dislikes: when people ring my buzzer without telling me there coming over, social media, Most other bands/people, taking things slow.
Tastes in music: Music you can dance too. Music that’s perfectly stupid. Sad music. Sparks.
Personal ambitions: To feel most satisfied with my own creations. Happiness. Furthering my own career without hurting anyone. And of course love..
Professional ambition: see above

Full name: Alexander Gaston Aird [centre left in picture]
Role: bourgeois pig
Birth date: April 8
Birthplace: Toronto
Height: nearly six foot
Eye colour: pale blue
Hair colour: brun
Brothers, sisters: one of each
Educated: Expensively
Former occupation: christmas tree salesman
Hobbies: chess, arson
Favourite singers: jacques brel, dean martin, nina
Favourite actors: Jimmy DeBello, John Wayne
Favourite actresses: Gena Rowlands
Favourite foods: eggs
Favourite drinks: coffee
Favourite clothes: Prada
Favourite band: the velvets
Favourite musician: Miles
Likes: fava beans, chianti, satan
Dislikes: england
Tastes in music: narrow and conservative
Personal ambitions: immortality
Professional ambition: immortality


Full name: Maxwell Joseph Peebles [far right in picture]
Birth date: 1 September 1939
Height: tall enough
Eye colour: brown
Hair colour: look at your dog
Brothers, sisters: the best bro, `LIL JACK`
Educated: to a certain DEGREE
Former occupation: FULL TIME SURVIVOR
Hobbies: ART.
Favourite singers: ANEKA
Favourite actors: ERIC ROBERTS
Favourite actresses: ELLEN BURSTYN
Favourite foods: CHEESE BURGER
Favourite drinks: GUINNESS
Favourite clothes: JEANS
Favourite band: THIN LIZZY
Favourite musician: PHIL LYNOTT
Dislikes: DUDES
Tastes in music: GROOVE
Personal ambitions: HAVE A GOOD TIME…ALL THE TIME.
Professional ambition: HAVE A GOOD TIME…ALL THE TIME.

Full name: Peter David Sustarsic [far left in picture]
Role: Drums/Vox
Birth date: March 24th 1989
Birthplace: Cleveland, Ohio
Height: 6’ 1”
Eye colour: Blue
Hair colour: Blonde
Brothers, sisters: 1 sister
Educated: Highly
Former occupation: Time Lord
Hobbies: Playing Dead
Favourite singers: Israel Kamakawiwo’ole
Favourite actors: Val Kilmer
Favourite actresses: Geena Davis
Favourite foods: Burgers / Ramen
Favourite drinks: Jameson / Cola
Favourite clothes: John Eatherly’s
Favourite band: The Who
Favourite musician: Kenny Loggins
Likes: Friendship / Processed Food
Dislikes: Onions / People
Tastes in music: Harmony / Rock n’ Roll
Personal ambitions: The Beach
Professional ambition: The Top

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