NME Radar At SXSW 2011 – Reptar, Braids, Luke Rathborne, OBN III’s

So last night I caught up with Reptar – a band who’ve picked up a shitload of hype since SXSW started. They weren’t really that buzzy beforehand, but there’s definitely been a word-of-mouth thing about them here. No one I spoke to seemed to have actually seen them though, instead having just heard loads of near-mythical BS about how they are the new Beatles or whatever.

So… we got a cab about 20 miles out of town to see them play their final SXSW show at their friend Ramona’s house, which was nice, if a little nuts. The band played on a truck, there were people on rollerskates, a kid with a broken leg going mental down the front, two guys dressed in wetsuits, fire, people on acid and little Mexican kids selling homemade cup cakes.

Here’s the band performing. There were pretty much no lights – their soundman was sitting under a table turning a lamp on and off, actually – so don’t blame me if you can’t see anything. You’ll just have to imagine it:

And here’s what happened when someone poured a load of lighter fluid on the bonfire. It all got a bit Wicker Man at this point, to be honest.

I spoke to their singer Graham afterwards about all the hype around the band:

Elsewhere at SXSW, this lot are probably the best random band I caught:

They’re called OBN III’s and… well, that’s about as much as I know about them right now. I was walking down 6th St, which is like the most mental bit of Glastonbury x 100 and condensed into about 500 square metres, when I saw the singer standing on an ATM machine while they played outside the superbly named Beerland bar.

As I said, I dunno a whole lot about them but it’s kind of like Bad Brains playing The Stooges, which is A-OK in my book. Afterwards, I noticed I had the singer’s blood all over me too, so a complete bonus there. I chatted to him a little:

That gig was just after I caught up with Braids, who of course have already been heavily featured in Radar already. There’s a real buzz about them here, with a lot of UK industry peeps checking the Canadian fourpiece out for the first time. I had a brief chat with them in a coffee house about five minutes before they went onstage:

They seemed way more fresh faced and fancy free than most other band’s I’ve seen milling about here.

And look! Here they are! Live, loud and pretty damned harmonious!

Be sure to check them out this May in the UK…

Elsewhere at SX, I bumped into Ryan Gentles’ new protégé Luke Rathborne, who had just supported his buddies The Strokes at their massive park show (which literally saw a mass exodus across the river).

He’s kind of like one of The Strokes’ little brothers actually – excellently ruffled hair, ice cool NYC demeanour, goes all gooey when they play stuff like ‘Under Control’ and the solo from ‘The Modern Age’. He also excitedly informed us that Albert Hammond Jr is probably gonna be producing his album. Bromance alert right there.

All footage recorded on a Flip video camera. See
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