NME Radar At SXSW 2011 – Wiz Khalifa, Brother, Odd Future

Despite a series of literally breathtaking sets from Montreal’s Suuns, if there’s been one definitive SXSW 2011 band it’s Odd Future. It’s truly staggering how much they’ve exploded in such a time. Instead of picking a few select special shows, and really hyping them up, they just literally played everywhere, all the time.

Wiz Khalifa

It felt like you couldn’t walk anywhere without hearing ‘WOLF GANG, WOLF GANG, WOLF GANG!’ echoing on the breeze. Which, increasingly feels akin/interchangable with ‘WU TANG, WU TANG, WU TANG!’ How much British pop duke Wolf Gang was reaping the rewards from the chanting still remains to be seen. They pretty much swagged the hell out of Austin. Check out the atmos at the Fader show:


There were some good rap shows at Fader’s now notorious ‘pop-up’ fortified compound. Wiz Khalifa headlined the night before. Where Odd Future excelled in vibe, or as they’d term, swag, Wiz delivered on smashes:

Athens’ Reptar are a prime example of a genuine SXSW buzz name. One of those bands who’s bandied around in morning exchanges, and subsequently whose attendances escalate the whole week, and even add on extra shows to capitalise on the heat.

We caught ’em a few times, and more videos to come, but here’s a song from their set at an Automotive Repair yard next to Sidebar on East 7th Street. During the song after this, that white Winnebago structure blew straight off and crashed down onto the people at the side:

I bumped into Max McElligot of Wolf Gang outside a big posh hotel in central Austin called the Driskell. He was lounging and supping on a martini with an olive on a stick in it. Well, he wasn’t, but I wish he was:

Part of the fun of SXSW is checking in on the other Brits Abroad, which there are an abundance of, wherever you turn, gargling Stella in the street and holding cans on top of their heads. On a completely unrelated note though, Brother were pretty good. This is them playing at the Neon Gold/Chess Club party at Klub Krucial:

But to sign off this post, yet another one of the joyous new encounters of SXSW 2011. Playing in the basement of that posh Driskell Hotel place I bumped into Wolf Gang at earlier: