NME Radar Mixtape Volume 4 – Download Now

Compiling Radar’s monthly mixtape is always quite an intriguing and rewarding task. Not only do I get to play 5-a-side footie captain to the park full of talent that is this entire planet’s breaking music bounty, lining them all up against the wall and caressing my chin, trying to decide who shall make the cut. But once I’m done the track-listing always reveals some curious insights into what the ruddy chuff has been going on out in this big hunk of earth.

Best Coast, who feature on the mixtape


This month was no different. Stepping back from it I instantly started to recognise certain sounds and cliques that are imperative to Now. There’s drag on there from the incredible oOoOO, there’s Flats’ brutalising uprising of anarcho-punk, there’s some of the finest results of the current lo-fi revolution with Best Coast, and the deranged 010 electronics Oneohtrix Point Never.

But this time I couldn’t dwell on trend-spotting, because before long I was overcome with the realisation that this collection of songs might just be a stone-cold classic. At the risk of sounding worryingly Eavis-ian, I think this might be the best NME Radar Mixtape ever.


Jaimie x


NME Radar Mixtape Volume 4 – Tracklist

1. GROUPLOVE – Colours
2. Flats – Flats Waltz
3. 2:54 – Creeping
4. Porcelain Raft – Tip Of Your Tongue
5. Enforcer – Midnight Vice
6. Fiction – Big Things (demo)
7. The Knocks – Blackout
8. CEO – Come With Me
9. Invisible Elephant – Communication (Part II)
10. DOM – Burn Bridges
11. Dominique Young Unique – Blaster
12. Myles Cooper – Gonna Find Boyfriends Today
13. Ghost Hunter – Evening Drive
14. oOoOO – Mumbai
15. Best Coast – Sun Was High (So Was I)
16. Gypsy And The Cat – Time To Wander
17. American Men – AM System
18. Oneohtrix Point Never – Where Does Time Go?
19. Tamaryn – Sandstone
20. Foster The People -Pumped Up Kicks

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