New Music Of The Day: NoMBe – ‘Can’t Catch Me’

German-born, Los Angeles-based genre-skewer NoMBe seems to be able to operate in any space. On this year’s ‘Young Hearts’ single, he spins space-leaning coos out of gentle electric guitar. On follow-up ‘Freak Like Me’, he becomes a sex-obsessed maniac, one that makes Miguel sound celibate. New song, the wild and ravaged ‘Can’t Catch Me’, is a completely different dose of the new.

The spiky, guitar-led track was penned two years ago for an advert, with the intention of creating a dissonant post-punk soundtrack. The ad guys weren’t keen. “I was pretty disappointed when it got rejected,” he says. But a couple of years on, it’s been handpicked by Pharrell Williams as the official theme song for his new HBO documentary series Outpost. NoMBe, real name Noah McBeth, jokes that the song’s been saved “from oblivion,” but beyond its tale of rejection and revival, it’s a brilliant glimpse of a talent who can make magic in just about any territory. 

Can’t Catch Me (feat. New Mystics) by NoMBe

Stream “Can’t Catch Me” Now: Follow me for updates n stuff <3 Lyrics: See me down the street But you can't get close cause I'm much too fast And I'm much too loud And I'm so caught up Now, is it me or my luck?