Nottee – Elfin Patchwork Popscapes

Oh, so you’re not into porcelain Scandi nymphets who meddle together cut’n’paste popscapes out of jingles, jangles and household odds and ends in a similar manner in which one might assemble a homemade birthday card for an elderly relative? Err, OK. Suit yourself then. Do you also spend your weekends Chinese-burning babies in prams and toe-punting orphaned kittens.

Nottee is the Gothenburg lass that used to play bass for Lo Fi FNK (her bro’s band), who had one massive choon in like 2006 (below) and then not a great deal else. Lately she’s opted for the aforementioned occupations (the first lot, not the mean ones).



We like her. If you haven’t got anything nice to say, well then maybe its best you just say nothing at all… ok?

Check these two:

Nottee – ‘Control’

Nottee – ‘Young Modern life’