Off Bloom: Meet the Danish electro-pop trio already aiming to “be the biggest band in the world”

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This wildly exciting Danish electro-pop trio aren’t called Off Bloom just because it sounds cool and nods to Nirvana’s ‘In Bloom’. For bandmates Mette Mortensen (vocals, production), Alex Flockhart (production) and Mads Christensen (production), Off Bloom is a mantra. “Instead of trying to be hip or deliberately interesting, we want to make music we actually like,” Mads explains. “If you think about what’s ‘in bloom’ at the moment, we want to be off it. Because we just want to be us.”

So far, this policy is paying off. Their sleek-yet-skewed 2016 breakthrough banger ‘Love To Hate It’ has racked up over 2 million Spotify plays, and new single ‘Shut Up And Let Me Walk’ is even more irresistible. Driven by dancehall-style synth sounds, it’s a sun-soaked break-up song with a ‘f**k you’ attitude. “Don’t try to fix it, it’s horses**t, bye bye now,” Mette sings with a nonchalant snarl.

As demonstrated by their fervent following, they’re more than just a band now. In fact, since Off Bloom formed three years ago, they’ve barely spent a day apart. “It goes beyond even friendship. It’s like a family thing,” Mette says. “We’re super-close, but we can get super-f**king annoyed with each other. But then, a few hours later, we’re super-happy and getting drunk together.” It’s intense, but they wouldn’t have it any other way. “Music is a form of therapy for us. Some people do yoga, we do music,” Mads says.

After smashing it on tour this spring with the UK’s hottest new pop star, Dua Lipa, and with huge festival slots on the horizon, the trio are now aiming sky-high. “Of course we want to be the biggest band in the world,” Mads says. Judging by their stellar output thus far, it looks like Off Bloom may well be flowering into something truly special.

From: Copenhagen, Denmark
Social: @OffBloom
Buy: Single ‘Shut Up And Let Me Walk’ is out now
Live: Reading Festival (Aug 25), Leeds Festival (Aug 26)

Best Track: ‘Shut Up and Let Me Walk’ // If you had a summer fling that didn’t work out, this will be your anthem.

Strange But True: Off Bloom originally formed for a one-off performance on a Danish TV show, where they covered Brandy’s R&B classic ‘Afrodisiac’.


Photographer: Zoe McConnell

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