Parcels discuss their Daft Punk-produced new single ‘Overnight’

Though they’ve been in the game for over two decades now, Daft Punk’s production credits as a duo remain fairly scant. They were behind the desks for some of Kanye West’s ‘Yeezus’, then jumped on Pharrell Williams ‘Gust Of Wind’, and of course jazzed-up The Weeknd’s uber-sexy ‘Star Boy’. So if The Robots get involved, you know it’s probably pretty decent.

It’s no wonder then that Aussie group Parcels are thrilled to share their new single ‘Overnight’, which was produced by Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo – aka the genius French producers.

As you’d expect, it’s laced with funky guitars and dreamy vocals – though no sign of The Robots chiming in for a quick sing-a-long. But that’s where its brilliance lies. It remains positively Parcels through and through with their tropical-trademark feel.


We caught up with the band to see how the collaboration came about.

How did the collaboration come about?

“In early 2016 we played our first ever French show in a sweaty little basement club in downtown Paris and it was packed with a wild crowd. At some point – unbeknownst to us – two Robots entered discreetly to observe. The connection had been made.”

What was it like to be in the studio with the pair?

“Very inspiring. Most surprising was the nature of the collaboration. Despite the obvious status that Daft Punk carry there was never any ego in the studio. From the start to the finish it was an equal collaboration with no pressure, only a desire to create something meaningful together. That gave us a lot of confidence in ourselves, as well as respect for those two.”


Do you hope to keep working together?

“We have many hopes and plans for the future and, with or without The Robots, we’re very excited to fulfil them!”

What was the most eye-opening thing you learnt during the experience?

“It confirmed to us that there are artists in today’s scene who value the simple beauty of creating music based on emotion. Who follow no expectations, no pressures, no structures and who work without egotism. But artists who simultaneously dive into the emotional effect of every single note and who leave no stone unturned in the writing process. To create the right spark nothing is calculated but everything is thought through.”

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