Passion Pit – Can’t Cook Won’t Cook – Video Interview

This week’s magazine Radar section is fronted by these sensible looking chaps. Don’t be fooled by their ‘half-cute guy who works behind the counter at the trendy deli downtown that does the sweetest anchovies around’ exteriors, their album is the biggest, stoooopidest, most un-boho-chic record to have sky-rocketed out of New York in a plume of shimmering purple duck feathers sliced and diced with white-hot ray beams this year.

Bigtime ulti-gloss lush-as-fuck synth-rock. Seriously, it’s gonna be a big deal. Watch this space, well, not this one specifically, but the proverbial space, of course. Duh.

Passion Pit
I’ll have a tub of chilli olives please boys

Anyways, I gave housewives’ choice Gavin Haynes one of those hand-held Flip videos for when he went to interview them. I asked him to obtain something ‘amusing’, and he came back with this, Passion Pit’s own cookery show. Now never say NME doesn’t provide hard-hitting journalism.