New Music Of The Day: PAUW And Mystery Jets Share The Honours With New Split EP

Isn’t it nice when bands get along? Indie has been known to throw up some niche spats – but between Mystery Jets and Dutch psychedelic quartet PAUW, things are rosy.

On their split EP ‘High Tide / Bubblegum’, the groups have shared the honours, but with a twist. While original versions of PAUW’s High Tide and Mystery Jets’ ‘Bubblegum’ both appear on the release, the bands have also covered each other’s songs to make for a dizzying, fruitful listen.

PAUW’s version of ‘Bubblegum’ is even more cosmic than the original, with the pace dropped ever so slightly and the introduction of some hypnotic synths. Mystery Jets make a good effort of ‘High Tide’ too, replacing shimmering guitar hooks with rumbling synths, the same that made last album ‘Curve Of The Earth’ such a success. Listen to the full EP below.

It doesn’t stop there – before PAUW hit these shores with their own shows, the band will play a co-headline show with the Mystery Jets this evening in Utrecht to further cement their love for each other.

PAUW will play:
De Helling, Utrecht* (Sep 27)
Louisiana, Bristol, (Oct 26)
Fallow, Manchester (Oct 27)
Bad Vibrations All Nighter, London (Oct 28)
Oporto, Leeds (Oct 30)
Broadcast, Glasgow (Nov 1)

* = co-headline show with Mystery Jets