Perfume Genius – Cutest Dude Ever

Every single thing we hear and see of Perfume Genius only makes us fall deeper and deeper for him.

The shattered-heart spectral-soul of this Seattle loner seeps further into my guts, day-by-day.

One of the most honest and tender streams of art and music we’ve witnessed coming from any single person all year.

Below are a series of his homemade videos, followed by an exclusive download.

But before that, I wanted to regail an anecdote I heard about the man himself just the other day. Apparently not-so-long-ago the computer that housed his entire recorded works crashed, destroying every single bit of music he’d ever worked on. Discovering this he emails his record label late at night to notify them of the situation. Promptly they begin a series of panicked attempts to get in contact with him, leaving numerous increasingly worried and exasperated answer machine messages, texts and emails for him, inquiring as to what on earth they were all going to do? To which, after some time, they eventually recieved a single, calm, collected reply, reassuring: ‘Don’t worry guys, I can re-record the songs. I still feel the same way.’


‘No Problem

‘Gay Angels’



Here’s a his track:‘Look Out Look Out’ (click name to d/l).