One of 2017’s most incredible voices, Peter Oren, releases new track ‘Anthropocene’

0It’s fair to assume that you probably haven’t heard a voice like Peter Oren’s in a little while. The Indiana-born’s artist is like all the strongest voices you’ve ever heard rolled into one. The bombastic nature of Elvis Presley, the soulful side of B.B. King and the grizzled weariness of Leonard Cohen – it is, quite simply stunning.

With album number two on the way, Oren has shared the first taster of it – the booming ‘Anthropocene’. It’s softly, sweet in places and immensely powerful in others, it’s a pretty concise introduction to one of 2017’s most impressive voices.

Peter Oren – “Anthropocene” by Western Vinyl

Title track from Anthropocene by Peter Oren. Available November 10, 2017 from Western Vinyl Pre-Order Anthropocene iTunes Bandcamp WV PETER OREN Instagram Facebook Twitter Indiana-born, everywhere-based singer-songwriter Peter Oren possesses a remarkable singing voice, low and deep and richly textured: as solid as a glacier, as big as a mountain.

The album ‘Anthropocene’ is out on November 12 via Western Vinyl