Pixx: “I feel like it would be a waste to have a crazy dream and not try to capture it in a song”

Mind-melting art-pop from Brit School graduate

Adele and Amy Winehouse may have emerged from famed music academy The Brit School as world-beating popstars, but few graduates can rival 21-year-old Hannah Rodgers, AKA Pixx, for making intriguing, uncharted sounds inspired by dreams and seeming to emerge from a different universe.

There was a period in your life where you suffered from insomnia, wasn’t there?

“Yeah, when I was nine years old. At the time there was serious confusion – you don’t know whether you’re in a dream or not. I used to get strange recurring nightmares too – it made me think that I was haunted. Eventually, my dreams became more interesting and I actively started engaging with them rather than being scared of them.”


You’ve channelled that into your music now, right?

“‘Waterslides’, a song on my album, is about a dream I had where I was in a water park on an island and it was full of totally deadpan women and men walking around in suits, carrying briefcases, going down water slides. I always feel like it would be a waste to have a dream like that and not try to capture it in a song.”

You were at The Brit School as a teenager. Did you feel any pressure being there?

“Not really. I was never really into mainstream music so I’ve always felt quite detached from it. I wasn’t even sure I wanted to be a performer until after I left. Certain people were born to do it and other people have to grow into it – I was definitely the latter.”

There’s a song on the album called ‘Everything’s Weird In America’. What’s the weirdest thing you’ve seen there?


“On a video shoot that I did, there was a sword swallower which was a pretty f**king strange thing to see; a man pulling a 10-inch sword out of his mouth. Everywhere is just mad; it gets a bit much. I just want to chill out when I get there – get me to the beach or something.”


From: Chipstead, Surrey
Social: @PixxMusic
Live: Latitude Festival, Suffolk (July 13-16), End Of The Road Festival, Salisbury (August 31-September 3)
Buy: Debut album ‘Age Of Anxiety’ is out now