Platform’s Fresh Blood – Hunx And His Punx, Walls, and Ancient Crux

align=”left” />Elizabeth Sankey is editor of Platform. Each week she’ll browse the internet’s dustiest of corners, and trawl the dingiest of London’s venues to find new music for your listening pleasure.

There’s nothing like putting it out there. You know, just slapping it out nonchalantly, and whacking it on the table for all to see. And while you’re at it, why not make some killer happy-clappy-nasal-guitar-pop to soundtrack your moment of gloriously decadent nudity? Well, that’s exactly what Hunx And His Punx have done, and the end result is rather Ramones-esque (if Joey and Johnny had a penchant for glitter and pink latex Y-fronts).

With songs entitled ‘Teardrops On My Telephone’ and ‘Cruising’, these shouty hits drip with wit, catchy hooks, and simple honesty, ‘You don’t like rock and roll/And I don’t like you’. Fair enough. Their ‘Gay Singles’ LP is out now, and – one for the wikipedia – the lead singer recently starred in this X-rated version of Girls’ ‘Lust For Life’video.

Can I be completely ignorant and prejudiced for a moment? Thanks. I’ve never really thought of Italy as a birthing pool for great new music. I love the place, and always have – but a hot location in which to breed fresh hits? Yeah I didn’t give it much (any) credit.

How wrong I was. Having already successfully sliced his own piece out of the big fuzzy lo-fi cake that currently seems to have every A&R wetting their pants in excitement, Banjo Or Freakout has now started a side project with Sam Willis AKA Allez-Allez. Calling themselves Walls the duo make slow-building electro tracks, but with cleaner and clearer production than Banjo Or Freakout.

It’s what ‘Kid A’ would sound like if it was released by Kompakt and had softened its edges. Maybe. Let me do another ridiculous comparison – it’s like if Brian Wilson had been best friends with Kraftwerk and they’d gone to psytrance raves together from the age of 15, wearing hypercolour T-Shirts and chatting up girls in leg warmers.

Anyway, they’re so new, this is the only photo I could find for them (fulfilling my ‘BRAND SPANKING NEW MUSIC’ remit, eh Jaimie?)

Ancient Crux is my third pick of the week. If only I’d done it for last Thursday as there’s something mildly spooky about their hooting, minor chords, and rolling drums. They wear their badge of Punk Integrity with pride as the guitars speed through the tracks, and they’re modestly batting away many Roy Orbison comparisons. But there’s more to it than that, it’s fun, filled with a bit more youthful innocence, and, you know, they like Busta Rhymes.

So with that in mind, why not play these two videos together to get a sense of what they sound like? Alternatively go to their ruddy Myspace you IDIOT (yeah I prefer my way too).