Platform’s Fresh Meat – Interview with Ke$ha

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When I was first asked to do this, I got really excited. “What?! I get to speak to that one from the Sugababes (mark II)? OMG!”
Sadly it wasn’t Keisha, the feisty little number, but America’s latest “alternative” female pop star, Ke$ha (don’t you dare forget that dollar sign) who had just vaulted to the top of our very own top 4o hit-parade. For those of you who don’t know she’s a 22 year-old singer who prides herself on irreverent lyrics, messy blonde hair, ripped black leggings and Jack Daniels before breakfast. I rang her up to find out her top 5 metal bands, and chat about the time she broke into Prince’s house.

How are you Ke$ha?

Good. I’m in L.A. at this hotel, and they put me in the ‘Scarface’ room. The machine gun from the movie is on the wall. It’s kinda cool, really gross and cheap.

Is there fake blood on the walls?
Maybe. Probably.

So, what are your top five metal bands?

1. KISS because they put on a kick ass live show and don’t hold back on the face paint and fire.
2. Valient Thorr because Valient really knows how to command the audience.
3. Black Sabbath have the best fucking jams ever. PUT SOME SABBATH ON!
4. Guns n’ Roses because Slash is the epitome of fucking rock and roll
5. Last but not least, AC/DC for having the catchiest songs but still being so badass and punk. I actually met Robert Plant recently.

How was it?
Oh my god, I almost pissed my pants. I don’t know if there is a god, but there is a Robert Plant. He told me that I reminded him of one of the girls in The Runaways, and then we talked about Africa. Fucking amazing.

Tell me about breaking into Prince’s house

I did not break in

You did
Look, in life if you want something you just have to go and get it, and I wanted him to be on my record so I just thought, “Fuck it!” As I snuck in I got wedged under his fence. There was this guy gardening and he refused to pull me through so I said, “I’ll give you five dollars, don’t be a cunt”. Everything in Prince’s house was purple, and there were pictures of him everywhere.

Was he wearing platform shoes?

Yeah! In his own house, in the middle of the day, he was wearing platforms and playing guitar.

Your lyrics are very..honest, where does that come from?
I write about stuff that happens to me, so I try to live as interesting a life as possible. I might write about the Tranny bar, or old guys that hit on me, who I call dinosaurs. Or this guy named Stephen who I’ve been stalking since I was 15.

Has he heard the song about him?
I don’t know. One of the lyrics is, ‘I want to knit you a sweater and wrap you up in my love forever’. I’m so scary. I’ve been trying to pound that guy for 7 years, but he’s such a loser! It’s so bad I’m glorifying him.

Your producer, Dr. Luke, also works with Britney. Is he a real doctor?

He’s a doctor of sick beats.

It’s a very different world for female solo artists compared to when Britney started…

I’m excited by all these strong women paving the way. I’m very blunt and talk about boys the way boys talk about girls. All these rappers say to chicks, “show me where your goodies are at” – you know what? I think guys can show me where their goodies are at!

Do you have a boyfriend?
Nooo gross.

So what’s next for you?

One long-term goal is to move to the Amazon and build a tree house where I can hang out a lot. Naked. I want to reconnect to my animal life.

You’re coming over to London soon, what should we expect?

My show is a sensory assault…in a very brief manner – the show is only 25minutes long. You will probably leave covered in sweat and glitter, well, if you’re lucky. If I choose to shoot you with my glitter gun.

Ke$ha will be here with her gun from January 22nd.