Platform’s Fresh Meat – Red Krayola, Major Lazer and Girl Alliance

align=”left” />Elizabeth Sankey is editor of Platform. Each week she’ll browse the internet’s dustiest of corners, and trawl the dingiest of London’s venues to find new music for your listening pleasure.

This week I went to see a very odd gig. Tom from Three Trapped Tigers was playing piano for The Red Krayola who are an avant-garde, psychadelic rock band formed in Houston Texas in 1966. Now I admit I’m not well-versed in their back catalogue, but from their performance I now understand ‘avant-garde psychadelic rock’ to mean ‘bat shit crazy’. The gig took place at the ICA, and on the back wall was a projection seemingly advertising the best qualities of Power Point 97 – comic sans on a royal blue background. The words were a continual description of a President’s facial features. For example, “the upper left eyelid, the slope of the mouth, of President Carter”. While Gina Birch of The Raincoats read the projection off a sheet of paper, the rest of the band riffed over it.

It was pretty amazing – techniques such as playing a sax against a thigh were seen. Although, not everyone in the crowd was enthused, as one member of the audience shouted, “What is this?! Come on, this is London man”. Yeah! I mean this kind of performance is fine in Bognor, or Hull – they lap it up down there – but this is LONDON! The rest of the spectators were filled with righteous indignation, and even those who were slightly WTF about the set quickly decided it was much better to be in the “god don’t you get it?” camp, than the “this is really weird and really bad” camp. Listen to them. If you think you’d get it. Man.

My new band for this week you should all totes ch-ch-check out, are Girl Alliance. Swedish music has a knack of always sounding classy and timeless, without posh production or too much effort, and this is no exception. All their blogs on myspace are in Swedish, which can make for unintentionally funny reading, “Mina favoriter var September Gurls, Teenage fanclub och självklart den fantastiska You should all be murdered”. Nice. It’s twee, folky and cute, but in a good way.

MENTALIST video of the week has to go to Major Lazer for this crazy-face visual bombardment to new track Keep It Goin’ Louder. As an updated, multi-coloured homage to Aphex Twin’s Windowlicker, it made me feel a bit sick after two minutes, but if that’s not the point to a music video I don’t know what is. If you’re not nauseous and mildly disturbed, then that mother hasn’t done it’s job.