Platform’s Fresh Meat – Surfer Blood, Knight School and JJ

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I really miss rock and roll. I know it still exists in some format, digital probably – rock band for wii? – but by gum it’s not like it used to be. Here, have a werthers and suck on this. I miss the days of men in trousers so tight they couldn’t walk up stairs, grainy black and white photos of long haired heroes, teenage girls in white ankle socks who played their Zepplin vinyl’s after midnight so their god fearing parents wouldn’t catch them.


I miss reckless abandon and TV’s smashing to the ground outside The Hyatt. I say ‘miss’, what I mean is ‘I rather like the idea of’. Because, while I am all for a smorgasboard of bands and genres from which we can pick and choose, there aren’t really any legends any more, any untouchable icons who lead musical revolutions and rebellions. Or maybe there are, but they only stick around for one album, and the mystery evaporates when they start tweeting about X Factor.

I actually think most of the responsibility for this lies with people like me – we don’t make rockstars anymore, we’re more concerned with cynical wordplay than the glorification of musicians. But maybe that could change? Consider Surfer Blood

Ok so that’s not their actual music video, they’re so ruddy new they haven’t made one yet. But they will, and it will be incredible – trust me. Surfer Blood hail from Florida and compose heart-thumping ballads dripping with anthemic potential, then switch to flute-based-50’s-rockabilly bleeding into new wave pop.

If anyone’s going to copy John Lennon’s ill advised and bogus claims of being larger than Vishnu, or some other Religious leader, I’m crossing my fingers it’s them. They’re also best buds with The Drums who I was lucky enough to spend a day taking photos of last week. Now Drums’ lead singer, Jonny is a Proper Fucking Rock Star.

He looks like a Hitler Youth poster boy, but treats everyone as his closest confidante – metaphorically wrapping a friendship bracelet round their wrist while remaining utterly untouchable. And they’re bum chums (unfortunate turn of phrase there) with Boy George.


They told me about Holiday Records, guitarist Jacob’s label, and a band called Knightschool who dwell in Brooklyn creating nasal Art School fuzz, singing about their band, girls, and crybabies.

People should use more 50’s terms like cry baby. I suggest putz, toots and broads.


I have no idea who JJ are, I just know their album is one of the greatest this year. I also have no idea what this video is about – it’s purple!? Why is it purple?! What does that mean?! But I support any band who builds mystery around their identity (see paragraph at the top, and fig 1*).

This is New Order playing in a wind tunnel, synths echoing off the walls and vocals drowned in a layer of reverb. Then there’s a weird bit a the end where two people are busking and the person holding the camera is smacking their lips. Now THAT’S rock and roll.

*There is no fig 1 so stop looking.