Platform’s Fresh Meat – Three Trapped Tigers, Girls and Friend

align=”left” />Elizabeth Sankey is editor of Platform, an online and print magazine that celebrates everything about being young – from sex to style, herbal highs to heartbreak. Each week she’ll browse the internet’s dustiest of corners, and trawl the dingiest of London’s venues to find new music for your listening pleasure.

Now I know it’s incredibly pedestrian to discuss the weather, and no I am not Michael Fish – I’m not sure he actually has a blog on Radar. But if he does I doubt even he’d think weather systems are relevant ‘new music’ blog-fodder. But come on, it has got very cold, very quickly, and it’s unnerving to be suddenly trapped so tightly in Winter’s icy grip. Consequently the theme for this week is escapism, and we should all be grateful to Three Trapped Tigers for their new and completely mental video, which I’ve been watching on constant repeat to distract me from the grey skies and my burgeoning, and moderately worrying, obsession with knitwear.

For those of you who don’t know, Three Trapped Tigers are a messy cacophony of keyboards. They are synth fetishists dressed like I.T. consultants, who shudder and coil at the words ‘scene’, ‘hip’ or ‘trendy’. In fact I’m pretty sure that they’re allergic to Shoreditch, skin exploding into rashes on viewing any branch of American Apparel. Obviously this just heightens how much the trendy kids adore them, slinking into their live shows, and applauding their ‘effortless cool’. While the ‘hip or not’ debate rages on around them in a mess of 50’s quiffs and and denim jackets, their music remains brilliant.

Also this week I bring you the new video by lo fi ex-cult members Girls. With the industry currently drooling at the mention of any, and all, lo fi bands (Next Big Thing Alert) it’s reassuring that Girls, as well as ticking all the Virgin Suicide/melancholy cool boxes, also produce fantastic fuzzy pop songs and heart crushing melodies. Their next single is Laura, a name which my brain will forever associate with the Scissor Sisters single, and University days of attending The Worst Parties In The World and watching chubby Drama Students dance round living rooms, occasionally bumping into smelly floral sofas.

Thankfully their Laura is nothing like that, but having probably inadvertently encouraged a connection between Girls and rotund theatrical types in your mind, it’s best you watch this video as soon as possible to mentally vomit that image out all over your cerebral carpet. Mind the sofa.

My glittering gem of a Myspace find this week is Friend. If you’ve ever tried to imagine what calypso beats, Asian melodies, steel drums and dreamy re-pitched vocals would sound like – only every ruddy Wednesday night mate! – then this is the answer. It’s like a score to one of those ‘Shakespearean re-imagining ‘ films, where they set Romeo and Juliet in Hong Kong, and a wrinkly Kenneth Branangh deludes himself that wearing eyeliner means he can pass for a teen lover. But, you know, good. The creator of Friend will be dissembling his Myspace soon before embarking on a new project, so this is your last chance to cover your desktop with his free downloads. Oh well, everything must go.

Including Summer.