New Music Of The Day: Pom Poko – ‘Jazz Baby’

There’s just something special about Pom Poko. They arrived onto the international stage in relatively understated fashion in January, despite their debut track – the twisting slice of art-rock ‘It’s A Trap’ – showcasing a band with serious scope and potential.

Now, the Norwegian quartet remastered their old demo and live favourite ‘Jazz Baby’ ahead of their first UK shows in the coming weeks. Much like its predecessor, ‘jazz Baby’ squirms and squeals with angular riffs amidst a rousing chorus – and signals a band willing to experiment all while staying immensely catchy. 

We caught up with the band to get the lowdown on their new single before they head over to these shores for The Great Escape in May.

‘Jazz Baby’ draws on a lot of different genres and eras – what was influencing you when writing the track?

“We were talking about how college rock of the ’90s and early ’00s is so uncompromisingly awesome, and wanted to make kind of a feel-good track that felt as undoubtedly awesome. So we mixed in some ’80s jazz fusion, Rugrat punk (“Mom, you drive me crazy” was in the first draft of the lyrics, to give you an idea) and our own brand of Exhausting Drum Grooves™.  

Ultimately, what is a jazz baby?

“‘Jazz Baby’ is about a very insistent person who tells themselves ‘even though some people act like they hate you, they really love you’. So you can probably say that a Jazz Baby is a person who doesn’t see itself very well or doesn’t have a lot of social insight, but purely in a good way. In the way where you can tell yourself “I’m a freakin’ Jazz Baby and I’m awesome no matter what!”  

Jazz Baby by Pom Poko

☆Pom Poko☆ ***************** ★Jazz Baby★ ≈single out 21.04.2017≈ mixed by Truls H. Nergaard and Martin M. A. Tonne mastered by Björn Engelman at Cutting Room

The Great Escape, Brighton (May 18-20)