Bristol punks POOR’s new demo tape is an acerbic anti-Tory thrash

Cramming four tracks into under three minutes, this lot don’t waste a second

Politics and punk-rock go together like tea and biccies. They’re two of the oldest bedfellows in music, with people using punk’s brittle texture to bark about injustice for as long as the genre’s existed. Bristol bunch POOR are the latest in a long line of pissed-off punk kids, and their just-released demo tape is an essential listen for those sick to death of Tory rule.

Clocking in at under three minutes, and cramming four tracks into that timeframe, POOR’s debut release is a hasty thrash through the topics of the age. Covering everything from corporate tax evasion (‘Executive Snake’) and corrupt, slimy political process (‘Campaign For Shit’), it’s ‘Assess’ which is perhaps the release’s most hammered-home statement. A fast and fiery cut of brutal hardcore punk, it tackles the ‘fit for work’ controversy and social chasm between the political elite and the working class with all the disgust such things deserve.

It’s yet more evidence of the UK’s bubbling hardcore underground, and the perfect, furious soundtrack to a youth plagued by the stranglehold of a bumbling, Brexiteering Tory government. As ‘Assess’ so succinctly puts it as it comes to a close – “Tory fucking scum.” Well, no point mincing words, is there?


Listen to POOR’s debut demo tape below, via DIY label Hollow Life Records.