Porches Interviewed: Resurrecting The House Love-In One Gleaming Synth-Pop Track At A Time

Plenty of records have captured the indie spirit of New York City, from the Lower East Side squalor of ‘The Velvet Underground’ to the Upper West Side prep of ‘Vampire Weekend’. Porches’ (aka Aaron Maine) second album ‘Pool’ continues the lineage, capturing the glow of the Big Apple at night.

Maine already lived in NYC when he released his debut ‘Slow Dance In The Cosmos’ in 2013, a mix of wailing lo-fi guitars and shimmering synths. The latter take the lead on ‘Pool’, helping to steer Maine to “make something that reflected my experience [of the city]”.


After ‘Slow Dance…’ was released, Maine began listening to house and electronic music with a keener ear, and it was the ethos behind those genres that really struck him. “I was reading about [house’s] origins of bringing people together and the idea of gathering to dance. I thought it was such a crazy, beautiful mission statement.”

With influences like Frankie Knuckles and Arthur Russell, ‘Pool’ is a crisp, minimal, but dancefloor-worthy record. Mostly recorded in Maine’s home, it’s his first proper attempt at production and marks something of a learning curve for an inquisitive and adventurous artist.

His creative restlessness doesn’t stop with his own music, though. In the future, he’s keen to produce for other people, as well as get involved with some collaborations. Earlier this year, Maine posted a video clip to his Facebook page, which featured noted NYC man about town and Blood Orange singer Dev Hynes playing bass. “We’ve been hanging out and sharing music with each other,” Maine says of their friendship. “We’ve been talking about working on stuff together.”

Porches’ future may be unwritten, but it’s not hard to get excited about the magic he’ll produce as he continues to explore both his music and his surroundings. He’s a “psycho-productive” discoverer – intent on building his own refined world.

New York City

‘Be Apart’
Elegantly bouncing, Arthur Russell-indebted synth-pop designed to lead you to the heart of the dancefloor



Maine’s songs feature two recurring characters, Franklin and Ronald, alter egos for his girlfriend Greta Kline (aka fellow up-and-coming songwriter Frankie Cosmos) and himself respectively

‘Pool’ is out now via Domino Records