Porches Shares ‘Car’ Live Footage And Talks New Album ‘Pool’ – NME Premiere

Porches (or Aaron Maine to his mum) is our New Artist Of The Week, because for the past few years he’s toiled away in the NYC underground like an indie trooper, and because with new album ‘Pool’ – out now on Domino – he looks set to cross over into the mainstream. It’s about time.

Today we’re sharing this exclusive footage from his recent London gigs, interspersed with an interview with him about it all. “It’s my first effort as a producer, it’s really close to me, and I’m proud of it,” he says regarding ‘Pool’, while a lilting live version of album highlight ‘Car’ plays in the background and deftly showcases that alongside all those housey synth lines, Maine is an impressive vocalist in his own right.

Read Rhian Daly’s interview with Porches here. And don’t sleep on the video: