Praise Be! Get a load of Brother Leo’s ‘Fatboy Slim’-produced new bop

Well, we have been truly blessed today. The weather is still scorching, the weekend is merely hours away and there’s a shit load of great new music  out today – from the new Jungle to Ross From Friends’ pulsating debut album. But there’s more, thank god.

Brother Leo, the new moniker of Swedish pop singer Ola Svensson, has just dropped his new song, ‘Strangers On An Island’. It’s been produced by dance legend Fatboy Slim and is a gorgeous, laid-back slice of pop magic. Watch the video below.

Here’s what he had to say about why his name change: “Brother Leo means freedom. The name comes from a reoccurring dream I had as a kid. In the dream I had a twin brother, he was a free spirit, brave, confident and always had the answers to everything. He had superpowers and his name was Leo”.