Premiere – Brighton Newcomer Chalk’s Brilliant ‘Everyone’s Problem, No One’s Problem’

Brighton newcomer Steven Stride specialises in crunchy mope-rock somewhere between Elliott Smith and early Modest Mouse. It’s Conor Oberst’s Desparacidos his new single ‘Everyone’s Problem, No One’s Problem’ most recalls though, weaving a saucer-eyed, disenchanted tale of Generation Y drudgery, pay day loans and small town ennui around jangling guitars, snaking bass lines and snarly vocals.

Taken from his upcoming second album ‘How To Become A Recluse’, and with mightily gritty production courtesy of fellow rising seaside talent Vincent Vocoder Voice, it’s a torch song for anyone who’s ever felt a grim weight of expectation of the modern world on their shoulders: “what would your mother say? What would your father say?” wonders its bridge. I can’t speak for Mr and Mrs Stride, but if I were them I’d be suitably impressed. Check out the track’s excellent animated video below if you know what’s good for you. Follow Chalk on Facebook here. ‘How To Become A Recluse’ is released via excellent Brighton DIY imprint Sonic Anhedonic (Eugene Quell, Lunchtime Sardine Club) later this year.


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