Premiere – Brooklyn Newcomer Mitski’s Spellbinding ‘I Will’

23-year-old Brooklyn newcomer Mitski Miyawaki releases her new album ‘Bury Me At Make Out Creek’ on November 11, an album that doesn’t flinch once detailing the maddening brutalities of love and the far-flung fringes of insanity it pushes us towards. “One word from you and I would jump off this ledge, baby,” she pledges sternly over melancholy keyboards on woozy, last-dance-at-prom slow grind ‘First Love / Late Spring’, after yearning for “a love that falls as fast as a body from a balcony‘ over noise-pop guitars on ‘Townie’. With fuzzy echoes of ‘Myra Lee’ era Cat Power, it’s a record that doesn’t tug at your heart-strings as much as it mercilessly pounds at them, taking to your emotions like a lead pipe to a piƱata.

‘I Will’ is one of the album’s sweeter moments: Mitski pleading a lover “stay with me” over a slurring bass line and washy keyboards that bubble over into epic, stadium-sized synth-pop granduer as the song climaxes. Check out the track exclusively below, pre-order the album here and if you’re a US reader, be sure to catch her on tour with fellow New Yorker Johanna Warren throughout November and December. You won’t regret it.