Premiere: Toronto’s HSY Step Out Of The Shadows On New Single ‘Feeder’

Unlike some of their more melodic Toronto peers – I’m thinking Waives, Dilly Dally – HSY are all about the loudness. The self-proclaimed sludge rockers, who’ve expanded to a fourpiece since their 2011 start, are gearing up to release debut album ‘Bask’ next month (September 11). Out via Buzz Records, the second single ‘Feeder’ premieres below, featuring the lead vocals of Anna Mayberry – a witchy, evocative singer who you might also know from the reverb-drenched Anamai.

“The song is about shared values,” Mayberry explains of the track, which is underpinned by horror movie riffs and a squawking, frenzied blast of feedback – the kind you feel they probably spent an age trying to perfect in the studio (admirably, too). “You are made of money and that money is worthless. Fun is work. Eat your job. Is this thing working? What an asset. Sometimes when you eat I get hungry. Let me feed you so that you can’t talk to me.”

Got it?