Primal New York Noise, Irish Lo-Fi And More: Shamir On His Favourite New Music Discoveries

Las Vegas breakout star Shamir tells us about his favourite new artists…

True story: Once upon a time there was a young boy in North Las Vegas named Shamir. He was obsessed with noise music from New York, and prayed that Arto Lindsay and Lydia Lunch could be his parents (or grandparents). Shamir couldn’t find any new and good New York no-wave noise bands until he came across Yvette. Not only was Shamir thoroughly impressed by the band’s use of effects and primal rhythms, but for the first time he felt like he found a noise band with a bit of (dare he say it) pop sensibilities. The relatable elements of the music moved him so much that young Shamir from North Las Vegas decided to send his own bedroom pop demos to their small Brooklyn cassette label Godmode. Four months later, Shamir got the honour of being on a compilation album with one of his favourite bands on one of his favourite labels. Yvette have a new EP coming this October called ‘Time Management’, and slightly older Shamir couldn’t be more excited.

While very handsome, Handsome Eric is just a pseudonym for this 19-year-old’s lo-fi bedroom pop project. Dublin resident Stephen O’Dowd caught my ear not too long ago after releasing music on Little L, one of my favourite Irish labels. His voice is a very cool and deep tremor – almost lethargic sounding. His most recent track ‘Bird Hell Is Real Believe Me’ is my favourite song by him thus far. The melody is so sweet; he sounds like he’s reading verses from his diary. If you like Mac DeMarco’s baritone, Courtney Barnett’s delivery, and Alex G’s production, Mr Handsome’s your guy!

I first heard Michete when I came across their song ‘#Fuckboy’ and my ass instantly started to move. Their beats give me Southern bounce vibes, and their flow is like a mixture between Lil Debbie and Peaches. Michete’s recent EP (it’s up on Soundcloud) is a gift from the ratchet gods and a must for any party playlist.

Romp will always hold a special place in my heart because they played the first basement show I ever went to a couple months ago in New Brunswick, New Jersey. I watched them set up, then out of nowhere they started playing a song about a burrito, which was super cute and lighthearted. Then they broke into this song called ‘Portrait’, which is this awesome and emotional song about regaining confidence after a breakup. That’s what’s great about Romp: they can be quirky, but also super heartfelt. My favourite song by them, and probably one of my favourite songs ever, is ‘Sorry, Not Sorry’. The title might make you think it’s from an Awkward themed band, but instead it’s a beautifully written song about not letting our mistakes define us. I can relate to that.