Private – Danish Disco-Funk Vigilantes

When big-shot Scandi-pop producer Thomas Troelson (the tache behind Euro-pop heavy-hitters like Montrose, No Angels, and quizzically, the last Ravonettes album) started bringing kingsize doses of early Eighties-style jacked-up disco-funk to major label boardroom meetings back home, lips were pursed, and efforts were tactfully positioned, on ‘the back burner, for the time being.’ With some mumbled pacifying about it ‘maybe being a bit androgynous for the current project’.

When he went all velvet-jacketed vigilante, got some cohorts, called it Private, and dished it out to us, we say, ‘we likey’.

Then we got an exclusive remix of the single and stuck it up here for yous. Click the name to download, it’s called: ‘My Secret Lover (Lifelike remix)’.