Psychobuildings – Acceptable In The Eighties

There’s been a lot of talk about how this year we’re due a revolt against anything that apes Eighties synth music after such an avalanche of it in 2009.

But Brooklyn’s Psychobuildings might just be the exception to that rule.

Rather than invoking the chart-busting high-drama of Eurythmics’ ilk mind, he opts for a dancefloor dynamic that sounds like a late Eighties ‘jackin’-house style remix you’d get on the B-side to a David Byrne and Robert Smith collaborative single, probably recorded for an AIDS charity. I’m told he’s an unnervingly cheery chap, and that he knocks about with the guys from Small Black.


It’s like a halo, but squarer

Below’s an exclusive download:

Psychobuildings – ‘Dirty Rainbows’