Public Access TV – Meet New York’s Hottest New Band

Ever since the New Year kicked in there’s been one band who all the ‘in the know’ people in the industry have been banging on about. It goes without saying that nobody actually seemed to have any concrete information about said band, of course, but that’s all part of the fun I guess.

Songs were apparently being played to interested parties on Soundcloud links over Christmas with the artist and track names left completely blank so’s not to give the game away, while rumours abounded that the band in question – who we now know are based in New York’s Lower East Side – have been turning down support slots left, right and centre with practically every other hyped NYC act of late, all of whom are desperately trying to get them on their own bills but without any luck.

That all changed yesterday, and things got a lot clearer. The mysterious act now have a name: Public Access TV. They’re a threepiece, and they say they have “no interest” in following the “template you’re supposed to follow” to make it in the Big Apple. A good sign.

More importantly, they now have a song out too. It’s called ‘Monaco’, and it’s ace:

Public Access TV’s first announced gig – they’re not supporting, funnily enough – is in NYC on January 30.