Put A Donk On Absolutely Anything

So I solemnly promise this is the last donk-related post for the foreseeable future. I can feel some people’s patience’s running out as I type…

However, this I really could not keep to myself. You’ll soon see why.

Whoever has created this is obviously one of the greatest minds of our time.

DJ Greenie of Bad Behaviour says in part 3 of the VBS Donkumentary – “Some people think you can just stick a donk on anything, and you can, but it’ll sound fucking shite…” Very wise words, and ones which we should all take heed of. It’s not just a matter of sticking a donk on it, the intricacies of donking run so much deeper.

And with that, I present to you – www.donkdj.com – a revolutionary new service, which allows you to upload any MP3 (whatever the genre) to it, and within a matter of minutes send you back an all-donking, all-squeaking, bouncey house remix. Boy does it work.

Obviously this ground NME to a halt for a good 24 hours. A few office favs so far: Peter Donkerty and Babyshambles – Delivery, Klaxons – Golden Donks, Kings Of Leon – Donk On Fire, Little Boots – Donk On Repeat etc etc.

Please post you donking results below, even post links so we can hear your creations – together we can make the world a donker place.