Pyramiddd – Goodbye To Bad Names (Free MP3)

Hello Pyramiddd!

We’ve always quite enjoyed your pastel-toned rainbow ditties and the way they crackle in-between waify synthetics and Weezery power-chords.

Thing is, you used to have the worst name ever. Not like, ‘ouch, that name sucks.’ More like, ‘There’s no way I can even bring myself to write that in an article with my name on it’. It’s so bad that we’re not even gonna sully your potentially rebirthed legacy by mentioning it here… Let’s just say: two syllables, first syllable rhymes with ‘spa’, second syllable rhymes with ‘clucker’. It’s all over the Myspace if anyone’s really that interested.

But you changed it! Yey! So as a form of virtual sneaky thumbs-up and a wink, here’s us posting up a video and a download…

Pyramid – ‘Medicine’