Rachel Chinouriri’s soul-soothing ‘Riptide’ could heal the world

A £20 microphone may well have been the best investment Rachel Chinouriri ever made. It was what she recorded her earliest material on a few years back, which she subsequently uploaded onto Soundcloud. Two years on and there’s both similarities and differences to those early releases.

For one, her DIY spirit and frank songwriting remain, despite the new surroundings. The accomplished studio version of heartrending ballad ‘So My Darling’ remains its potent lyricism, while ‘What Have I Ever Done’ is similarly visceral.

‘Riptide’ continues Rachel’s development as a musician, with this being her most impressive production and arrangement yet. A hesitant beat is met by a swirling vocals, with jazzy-guitar licks sprinkled throughout. A soothing, soulful delight. To accompany the release, Rachel has provided us with an exclusive

‘Riptide’ is about the insecurity in a relationship. The lack of trust for someone else despite them never giving you a reason not to trust them. Someone can say they love you a million times but the constant battle between you and your mind won’t let you believe it.

The voices in the back of your mind creep in and your capabilities to truly trust someone disappear. I let myself sing about it because it bothers me so much and I fear pushing people away or punishing someone for something that they haven’t even done just because I haven’t sorted my trust issues out.”


Riptide, a song by Rachel Chinouriri on Spotify