Radar At By:Larm 2012

OOH it’s an email from NME. “Would you fancy covering by:Larm for us?” they ask. I panic for a moment. Shit, am I meant to know about some hot new genre? Is it a club? Rave? Is guerrilla gigging back? Is it (eww) like ROFLCOPTR? Google returns “Your search – by:Larm – did not match any documents”. Balls. “Why not?” I reply anyway, hoping that it doesn’t involve full frontal nudity and any members of Razorlight.

Turns out by:Larm is actually Oslo, Norway’s very own city wide new music festival. A Smörgåsbord (or should I say koldtbord) of Scandinavia’s best bands and DJs travel to the city for three days of music, talks and eating cheese’n’pickles for breakfast. Iceage are there, as are The Field, Icona Pop, Whomadewho and Casiokids. As well as 100+ artists I’ve started to listen to but have no idea how to pronounce just yet.

So that’s it. For the next few days I’ll be making like a reverse Viking, (armed only with my best facts about Ole Gunnar Solskjær) to plough through Oslo’s bars, venues and scrotty makeshift spaces and find out all the important things about music Oop North.

Who are the kings of Metal? Does Norway do hip hop? Who is their Tiesto? Can I join a pop band? Will I fall for Arabrot’s ‘Solar Anus’? And just what is Necrobutcher from Mayhem’s favourite colour?