Radar At CMJ NYC Part 2: Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt and more…

One of the best things about conferences like CMJ are the little surprises that pop up when you least expect them.

Like last night, when I staggered into the Purevolume Suite -one of the key free booze vendors- and stumbled upon local kooks Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt. They’re one of these culty squat-dwelling art-jam types like Baltimore’s Wham City collective. They all dress up in Blue Peter-esque homemade costumes – please spot here two bee-keeper-looking paper-mache get-ups, one person dressed in giant a foam shark’s head, and a couple of peculiar light-flashing crane robots- and play sets that closer resemble a group-therapy spiritual awakening, than your average shmindie-rock shuffle.

Usually this kinda thing descends into circuit-bending glitch, but these guys actually had some choons.

How much sticky back plastic was utilised during this performance?

C’mon guys, let it all out…

I also saw Freelance Whales play that night. They’re another one of these bands that every British music industry dude is talking about but no one in NYC knows who the fuck they are… If you like glockenshpiels, melodicas, banjos and busking, then you’re in for a right treat.


I finished up at IAMSOUND’s part, where Fools Gold headlined. I didn’t think I’d like them, but I was surprised. It’s a musty curmudgeon of different worldy vibes – a shudder of afro-beat here, a swivel of eastern European gypsy brass there, all reigned together with all-Hebrew vocals.