Radar At Great Escape 2012 – Stage Times Revealed

We love the Great Escape, we do. Our memories of the Brighton bash are usually clouded by how pissed we’ve got though (so: falling asleep during Rose Elinor Dougall’s set a few years ago, getting lost in the Dome a’la Spinal Tap, running away from Fionn Regan etc).

Also, this was pretty cool:

Anyway this year Radar is returning to our venue at the end of the pier, Horatios (where that clip above was filmed), to put a load of bands on. We’ve got four a night, 12 in total, and if I’m being totally honest the act I’m maaaaaasssively excited about seeing are Milk Music.

We’ve been banging on about the Olympia fourpiece for nigh on six months now, ever since we heard their ace ‘Beyond Living’ EP – a record which had its title track creep into the Top 20 of NME’s songs of the year last December, despite never actually coming out as a single or getting any radio play over here whatsoever.

The band are gonna play what will be their first ever show on UK soil for us at TGE on the Saturday night, on a bill that also includes headliners DZ Deathrays and Eagulls. It’s gonna be huge. They’ve also just released a new tape – head over to Milkmusic.us for more info on that.

Elsewhere on the Radar bill we’ve got Howler and Niki & The Dove headlining, while Friends are also making an appearance.

In terms of the really new stuff, you’ll wanna check out Peace, French krautrock-obsessed nutjobs La Femme, Manc oddities Money – who are currently inspiring a similar kind of adulation that was heaped on WU LYF’s earliest gigs up north – and two of the hottest new acts from London, Palma Violets (newly signed to Rough Trade) and Drop Out Venus.

Here’s the full line-up and stage times:

Thursday (May 10):
Niki & The Dove (10.15pm)
Friends (9.15pm)
Peace (8.30pm)
La Femme (7.45pm)

Friday (May 11):
Howler (10.15pm)
Wild Belle (9.15pm)
Money (8.30pm)
Palma Violets (7.45pm)

Saturday (May 12):
DZ Deathrays (10.15pm)
Milk Music (9.15pm)
Eagulls (8.30pm)
Drop Out Venus (7.45pm)