Radar Band Of The Week – No. 114: The Child Of Lov

Meet The Child Of Lov. That’s him above – well, that’s his chin and torso, to be absolutely precise. He’s choosing to keep the rest a secret for now. While the anonymous shtick of WU LYF, iamamiwhoami, Evian Christ et al may be somewhat tiresome these days, rest assured that not every face-obscuring, interview-shunning muso around has managed to bag a record deal with Domino and employ the likes of Damon Albarn to sing backing vocals on their debut single. The Child Of Lov has.


Breaking cover from his home in Amsterdam to give Radar his first ever interview, the 25-year-old refrains from telling us his name, but does talk about his early life, declaring eerily: “I was ashamed, I could never tell people I make music.” He kept all of his creations hidden for years, naturally.

But all that’s about to change – ‘Heal’ (the aforementioned single) gets an official release on November 26. Working with Damon has boosted TCOL’s confidence no end, he says: “When he starts getting emotional it helps make you feel like a real musician.” He adds, though, that he doesn’t care too much for Blur, preferring Gorillaz – which, musically, you can totally hear. TCOL also confirms that the pair have recorded a proper duet which is set to appear on his debut album. Also on the record is mask-wearing, impostor-hiring rapper DOOM (and yes, we’re assured it was definitely him in the studio).

However, The Child Of Lov is much more than a mere plaything for other artists – just one listen to the taut pop-funk of ‘Heal’, which mixes James Brown, Prince and vintage Pharrell into an instant hit of joy, will confirm that. “I was hyper-focused when I made the song,” he says. “To me it sounds like a NERD song. I wanted to do something with a rock feel like they created on ‘Fly Or Die’, but with soul too.” Mission accomplished. The name, he explains, is a biological acronym for Light-Oxygen-Voltage, which form the ingredients that make plants move toward the sun. Before we leave, he tells us rather intensely, “I am a product of this music – it influences me as much as I make it.” Reaching out of the shadows and closer to the light, The Child Of Lov is moving in the right direction.

Based: Amsterdam
For Fans Of: Prince, Jai Paul
Buy It Now: ‘Heal’ is out on November 26
See Him Live: The Child Of Lov currently has no confirmed live plans
Believe It Or Not: TCOL is in the process of getting a band together for dates next year, picking people based on how much they like James Brown