Radar Band Of The Week – No. 116: The Family Rain

“We’ve got dreams of NME coming to do a piece on the second album, and it’s us hitting golf balls into the sea from a castle in Mexico, on peyote.”

We’re getting ahead of ourselves a bit. Maybe. But that statement should give you some indication of how in love The Family Rain are with the romance and flamboyance and glamour and stupid fun of rock’n’roll. That quote comes from drummer Tim Walter. The one that follows is from his bass-playing/vocalist twin brother Will. Their other brother Ollie is the guitarist, but it’s not really important precisely who said what because all three of them are on exactly the same page. It’s a good page that most likely features Jimmy Page.

Anyway, here we go: “What should be happening is you should be going to a show – any show – and looking up at the band going, ‘That is what I want to be doing. I want to be them.’ I haven’t been to a show like that, that blows your head off, for years. That’s what we are all about.”

Some facts: The Family Rain are from Bath. They play high-octane, hip-hop-inspired, dirty blues-infused rock’n’roll very well indeed, and dress the same because Alt-J don’t. They got into music via their folks’ Beatles, Rolling Stones and AC/DC records, and they want to match these albums, not the unambitious contemporary bands they see around them.

In pursuit of this goal, not long ago, they made a video (“We were like, ‘Why don’t we make a hip-hop video in the English countryside?’”) for one of their best songs, ‘Trust Me… I’m A Genius’ and asked a few blogs to put it up. People took notice. They say they had their pick of labels (not least In The Name Of, whose owner Lily Allen was “lovely” and signed a photo for their local pub). They also say that this was not a surprise.

The last word goes to brother Ollie: “This is not meant to be a small thing. We gave up everything to do this. We want to bring the excitement back to guitar music.” See, told you. All on the same page. Words: Liam Cash

Need To Know

Based: Bath
For Fans Of: AC/DC, The White Stripes
Buy It Now: Debut single ‘Trust Me… I’m A Genius’ is out now on Bigger Splash Records
See Them Live: They play Bristol Porter (Dec 5), Glasgow King Tut’s (Dec 9) and Aberdeen Tunnels (Dec 10)
Believe It Or Not: Bass player Will used to dress windows for Gap. He was so good at it that his employers flew him to Turin to assist with a store opening